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    Wener Herzog’s Brilliant + Questionable Advice

    We are always interested to read advice of creative, original thinkers AND to see what of their wisdom we DON'T buy. We've learned the hard way that one size does not fit all. If we are going to forge our unique path, we'd do well to try out what we're not sure of, embrace what works or rings true, and say no to what doesn't. Which is exactly what we did with the great Werner Herzog's 24 compelling rules for filmmakers, found on the back of his latest book Werner Herzog: A Guide for the Perplexed[...]

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Stylish Painted Plywood Sofas, DIYable

Feeling under-the-weather, we surfed the ever-inspiring Aqqindex and came across two seriously-stylish painted wood sofas, the top designed by Salvati and Tresoldi in 1978, the one below from Maison de Vacances designed Andre Monpoix in 1963.  We ...

Read More 1.27.15 | 3:15pm