Sir David Attenborough’s Awesome Way

Sir David Attenborough’s Awesome Way

( Video link here .) This wonderful selection of  clips  from the 2002 BBC documentary  Life On Air – David Attenborough’s 50 Years In Television  provide a glimpse of beloved BBC nature adventurer  Sir David Attenborough ‘s unique, always-game approach to the strange and new; it is a fine model for navigating life. Our favorite is right ...

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Create A Personal Practice To Prepare for Any Challenge

Create A Personal Practice To Prepare for Any Challenge

Australian competitive hurdler Michelle Jenneke dances to get ready to run hurdles, a routine that has worked for her for years: she starts with enthusiasm and momentum to launch into extraordinary movement, using the dance’s performance energy to get ready. It’s a superb example of creating a personal routine that uses excitement and imagination to focus and feed yourself for performance, or just about anything you do in life.

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Maria Robledo

Crispy Saffron Noodle Cake

Like many cooks, I’d used saffron for years without knowing that it is the dried stigmas from a certain crocus or why it is the most costly spice in the world. After I went to Spain and witnessed the saffron harvest for myself, the backstory made dishes like this Crispy Saffron Noodle Cake all the more wonderful.

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Mozart in the Jungle/Amazon Video

Inspiration + Improvisation from Mozart in the Jungle

( Video link here .) We spent part of the weekend binge watching the truly funny, inspired  Mozart in the Jungle  on Amazon, about what happens when a young, brash, wildly creative maestro takes the helm of a symphony orchestra. It is rich with inspired moments ...

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Maria Robledo

Big Macaroni (Baked Penne with Wild Mushroom Ragu)

Wine writer Anthony Giglio's Sicilian mother-in-law calls my rustic casserole of baked pasta layered with Wild Mushroom Ragu and ricotta salata "the Big Macaroni". It IS…the delectable sum of 3 parts: pasta + ragu + cheese. You can make the ragu days ahead and use it for a million quick delicious dishes. And you can assemble the Big Macaroni the day before and bake when ready to feed your guests. They will die for its crispy chewy top and molten interior.

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Herve Goluza for Glamour France

Hotel Henriette: Stay There or Steal Ideas

We’ve written extensively about our usual practice of deconstructing and arranging overwrought hotel rooms . We’ve encountered SO many that were over decorated, stuffy, busy, that we stopped loving staying in hotels. Until we saw photos of Hotel Henriette in Paris, which breaks the ...

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Sally Schneider

Make Your Motivators Powerful

On my office wall, I tape images that inspire, motivate, and hearten me. Recently, I taped up a greeting card that said PROCEED AS IF SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE. Although the words make great sense, they curiously had little impact...UNTIL something compelled me to pair it with a photo I'd clipped from a magazine: Big lesson in what a MOTIVATOR can be.

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