• Maria Robledo

    Real “Jell-O” in Endless Flavors

    It was a revelation when I tried making a homemade "Jell-O": it had a beautiful color, with a flavor that was intense, vivid and REAL. It was so simple to make I wondered why there was instant; it's little more than fruit juice jelled with unflavored gelatin, has very little sugar and no additives or colorings. I’ve found it has as much appeal to adults as to children; I serve it for dessert at dinner parties. Here's the basic formula and three favorite iterations.

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Randall Connaughton

Meditation in A Surprising Modernist Ozarks Chapel

For many years, we made a study of sanctuaries of various kinds — from the icon-rich imagery of a Franciscan Church to Buddhist monasteries. Ultimately we found that being in Nature was the best way to center ourselves, clear our head, connect with something bigger. But we had never experienced a chapel like ThornCrown, designed by a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright, in the deep Ozark woods…the unlikely brainchild of a retired, rarely-churchgoing alcoholic schoolteacher.

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issey-miyake red triangles 2

Design Element? A Big Colored Triangle or Two (Issey Miyake)

We're smitten with the vivid crimson aluminum triangles suspended in mid-air in the Issey Miyake store designed by Tokujin Yoshioka in Tokyo’s commercial Marunouchi district. WHAT IF we had a huge, light-weight, vividly-colored triangle to move around our space?

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Justine Hand

DIY Beautifully Chalky Limewashed Walls

When friends renovated their NYC brownstone, they made wonderfully varied walls — high-gloss painted walls next to beautiful flat, chalky ones achieved by careful plastering — that made the rooms incredibly beautiful. I copied their high-gloss walls in my Harlem space, but wondered how I could achieve the chalky effect of plaster myself. The answer recently presented itself in a great DIY by Justine Hand for Remodelista.

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Maria Robledo

Batali’s Savory Lemon Jam Riffs + Lemon Parfaits

Years ago, I learned a savory uncooked Lemon and Oregano Jam from Mario Batali. Once I learned the basic formula, I found myself improvising on it endlessly,until I devised a sweet citrus jam the inspired many impromptu desserts including Lemon or Tangelo Parfaits that taste like a Creamsicle.

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Alan Chu

Storage Solution: Puzzle Box Thinking

When enlisted to design a compact tea shop in a limited  footprint, Brazilian architect Alan Chu created a giant puzzle box whose color blocks unfold to reveal its wares. Seeing it unfold gives us lots of ideas ...

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Sally Schneider

Quick, Fun, Minimalist Improvised Gift Wrap Solutions

How often have you found yourself late for a birthday party and casting around for a way to wrap your gift? We find ourselves in that position so often, we've begun to keep a photo archive of hasty, curiously chic gift wrapping solutions, sometimes made with only a few elements, like the startlingly-sensual beauty from artist David Carrino, below…

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