• Virginia del Giudice

    Sea Shell Salt Cellar

    Our friend Virgina del Giudice sent us a lovely vacation email with the subject line: "Improvising": We were on vacation in La Pedrera, Uruguay (very beautiful place!) My husband and I rented a forties garage converted into a cozy little appartment for two. The kitchen was small but perfect for improvising nice recipes like croquettes with the seeweed across the street. But we did not have fancy stuff, so I improvised this salt little dish with a shell. I was happy when I used it! Sea shells indeed make lovely vessels, often with memories attached! [...]

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PES’ Western Spaghetti

PES’ Western Spaghetti

( Video link HERE. ) This insanely cheeky, surrealistic send-up zaps cooking shows with sly, technological savoir faire. I needed several viewings to fully grok all the nutball details. — Susan Dworski   *Editor’s Note: Incredibly imaginative film maker PES ‘ “Fresh ...

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Closet Strategies with a Simple Piece of Fabric

Since when is it hip, slick and cool to lie in bed and stare at your clothes and shoe racks––no matter how neatly organized––when you’re rustling up romance? I’m talking about a very particular theme of ...

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Sally Schneider

big shipping pallet and concrete block outdoor table

Last weekend, we walked down to the Urban Garden Center to check out the pig roast they hold every Saturday in the summer in their rough-and-tumble party pavilion. The pavilion is made of all sorts of found and rustic materials, including mismatched chairs and junk store finds. We especially loved the huge table made of shipping pallets and concrete block, two of our favorite building materials. It could easily seat twelve AND weather the elements.

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Maria Robledo

Cherry Season’s Perfect Desserts

We can’t remember a cherry season lasting SO long, with such an abundance of plump cherries. If we owned a restaurant, a bowl of iced cherries would be our featured dessert. (It’s also the perfect, ...

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Maria Robledo

When Normal Equals Perfect

Our readers know Sally has been occupied lately with the serious illness of a close friend – namely, myself. Now recuperating, we’ve realized something about perfection: it does not mean being super-human or doing everything exactly right. It simply means means being normal. This revelation was amplified by our friend Thomas Ashcraft, a remarkable artist/science.

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