Maria Robledo

How to Discover Unique Flavor Pairings (with a Trove of Recipes)

When a friend tasted the wild plum that had been fallen in pine needs, she "got" plum and pine and by association ROSEMARY. I've used the technique of tasting foods that sat side by side "just to see" for many years to discover new and often unlikely flavor pairings. Here are 10 favorites, including a Plum and Raspberry Crisp with Lavender.

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DIY Rain-Activated Signs, Images, Graffiti

DIY Rain-Activated Signs, Images, Graffiti

( Video link here .) Seattle artist  Peregrine Church  of Rainworks discovered a readily available spray that allowed him to stencil invisible signs and images on the sidewalk and walls, that would magically appear when it rained. It’s a beautiful effect that ...

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Sally Schneider

Hidden Art + Reminders on a Medicine Cabinet Door

When we installed a tall, narrow 13-inch-wide sliver medicine cabinet in our newly renovated and very minimalist bathroom, little did we know that it would do more than provide storage for essential toiletries. The mirror door is backed by white-glazed steel, ...

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Sally Schneider

Reminder: Turn Everything OFF Once in a While

Our friend Karrolyn Belkis, who went skydiving when she turned 80,  clearly has a forward-thinking view of life. Still, she isn’t crazy about what technology and our always-on lifestyle is doing to us, making it difficult to just BE without always having our eye on a ...

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Patricia Cronin

After We Pass, What Kind of Memorial, or Not?

Recently, we came across this extraordinary Memorial to a Marriage by artist Patricia Cronin. We don't know when we've seen such a tender "real" memorial of and for a couple. It made us think about just what form our own memorial might take.  We've discovered there are a lot of interesting options IF you shift your view .

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Greg Keras

How to Fix Your Computer (Love Means Helping You Do-It-Yourself)

When my 5-year-old-laptop bailed on me, I reacted like any strong independent woman with a brain and an alarm clock; I handed it off to my husband and said “This is broken, please fix it”. Seriously. Being the feminist my husband is, he said NO.......

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Louis Armstrong plays for Lucille at the Sphinx

Louis Armstrong’s Secret to A More Wonderful World

For us, this image of Louis Armstrong playing his trumpet for his wife Lucille at the Sphinx during their trip to Egypt in 1961 describes "sublime". It reminded us of that feeling when everything is rich with pleasure, without worries, fine. But what about those times when things turn in a moment and bad things happen? Armstrong had a powerful answer .

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Sally Schneider

The Ugly Practical iPhone Holder I Can’t Live Without

When I wore my iPhone stuck to a velcro forearm band to a friend's house, she said "How can you wear such an ugly thing?"; it's terrible!" Terrible? Lighten up! It is actually an amazing device. I workout hard, cook, and do chores with it and it has yet to come off. It's like a big Apple watch whose serious advantages trump its looks. As with everything I buy, I hacked it a bit, and pushed its limits.

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Ellen Silverman

Travel to Cuba Now Before It’s Too Late

When photographer Ellen Silverman first visited Cuba in 2010 little did she know that the visit would change her life/ Just as Cuba is on the verge of its own big changes, Ellen will be leading a tour there. It is a rare opportunity for just about anyone who wishes to visit private homes in Havana and engage with their owners.  Here’s a glimpse:

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