Cindy Sherman

Expand Your Emoji + Emoticon Vocabulary …and make ART

Emoticons and emojis are being so widely used that we've been hearing news reports that they might possible become a new language: a sort of modern day hieroglyphics. Artists like Cindy Sherman have devised her own set of emojis which she's offering as a free download. Although we love possibilities in the realm of emojis (see more below), we like the constraints of making emoticons using just keyboard symbols…

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Reinvention of Normal

The Reinvention of Normal (Dominic Wilcox)

( Video link here .) Over the years, we’ve published quite a few of artist/inventor/designer Domnic Wilcox ‘s brilliant rethinking of ordinary objects, documented on his site Variations on Norma l. We love that Wilcox constantly challenges “normal” because “normal” is often so ...

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Annals of Misleading Design: Chilewich Dahlia Coasters

Chilewich, maker of now-iconic, minimalist woven polypropylene floor mats we’ve admired, recently introduced their Dahlia Coasters . Their website shows icy drinks resting on the coaster (one with an ice bucket in the background), calls them “coasters” and claims “these functional designs will ...

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Holly Soloman’s Kitchen: “A Painting I Can Walk Into”

In the annals of kitchen design, art collector/dealer  Holly Soloman ‘s has to be one of the most out-there. The dazzling, mind-boggling riot of colored mosaic was created artist Dorren Gallo as an on-site installation in the eighties.  Solomon ...

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Susan Dworski
Ishiuchi Miyako, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

Frida Kahlo’s Artful Wardrobe, Painted Casts and All

Frida Kahlo, confined in terrible casts most of life, painted them, transformed them into something beautiful, expressive; she turned them into art. Recently, we found a trove of powerful images by photograher Ishiuchi Miyako of Kahlo's wardrobe, in remarkable detail. Each item is evidence of her powerful drive to self expression, despite wounds, setbacks and handicaps.

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