Beth Kirby/ Local Milk

Material for Making: Raw Copper Sheeting

The BEST idea we got from Remodelista's tour of a farmhouse remodel by Jersey Ice Cream Co is an ingenious backsplash for the stove out of copper flashing purchased inexpensively online and nailed to the wall with copper tacks. Perfect. It made us LUST for copper sheeting, which we imagined cladding our ugly old fridge, making into a headboard, using as extravagant wrapping paper or placemats…We hunted down essential info on copper, and samples for experimenting.

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Ton Koene

How Analog Notebooks can Enhance Productivity

In the New Yorker’s recent  Why Startups Love Moleskines , David Sax describes the popularity of the spare notebook that many tech-savvy people find superior to digital task software. M.I.T. students, academics, artists and other high-achieving entrepreneurs prize Moleskine notebooks , which come ...

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Scott Lynch/Gothamist

Use A Typewriter to Tap Your Poetic Subconscious

A public typewriter is stationed at Tompkins Square Park for whoever wishes to write on. It is the brainchild of the The Poetry Society of New York who original introduced it at the NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island : The Typewriter Project’s mission ...

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My Things/Hong Hao

Celebrate the Art of Clutter via Browning, Hao + Improvised Life

Having read and written a good deal about decluttering and letting go of stuff, we’ve witnessed something of a backlash in the media of late. Just as we were reading Dominique Browning’s recent  Let’s Celebrate the Art of Clutter , we came ...

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Carsten Höller ‘Experience

DIY to Alter Your Mental State (after Carsten Höller)

If haven’t experienced artist  Carsten Höller’s work,  perhaps you can devise your own version of his Giant Psycho Tank, above, which invites viewers to float weightlessly in the water of a sensory deprivation pool to alter their mental state.

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Holton Rower

We Cannot Know the Resonance of Our Work (Anne Frank)

We learned that there is no way to know how our work will resonate in the future, or IS resonating right now. It is not in our control. True creatives HAVE to make whether they are recognized or not. A potent symbol of this came via email recently from a friend visiting Holland:

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