• A Song for a Summer Weekend

    A Song for a Summer Weekend

    (Video link here.) We know a number of people taking "stay-cations", enjoying the city as though they were visiting it anew, filling themselves up with wonderful art, food, happenings,  and not dealing with traveling for one reason for another. We're going to do the same in a week or so, just so we can WANDER, without a schedule for a while, which is the best way we know of recharging. We think 500 pound Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to be just the perfect 3-minute escape for those in need of a instant vacation. It's the perfect music for summer hanging out (in a hammock perhaps).  [...]

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Making Music with…Rain

Making Music with…Rain

( Video link HERE. ) Recently we stumbled on this video of music made with rain drops. Rain as percussion instrument: MUSIC. It’s pretty swell, and very carefully thought out, with its haute technology and count of rain ...

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Anthony Giglio Kills at the Moth!

Anthony Giglio is journalist, sommelier, and author of  Food & Wine Wine GuidesCocktails in New York  and  Mr. Boston’s Official Bartender’s Guide . He is wine blogger for Details  and Improvised Life’s deviser of brilliant, simple strategies for celebrations both grand and low-key. Of late, Anthony revealed yet another side of himself: a superb storyteller whose personal stories move and transform. He brought down the ...

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Back to Basics with Homemade Household Products

Here’s something to put up on your refrigerator door: a chart showing 72 practical uses of common “core” ingredients that make up our (far more expensive) store-bought soaps, lotions and surface cleaners. The idea is ...

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School Girl Parcour

School Girl Parcour

( Video link HERE. ) In the annals of “breaking stereotypes” is this thrilling, mind-boggling, closer-than-bird’s-eye view of two Japanese schoolgirls doing seriously Ninja Parcour — usually the realm of young men — all around the city of Atami. ...

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