100 Layer Cake-let

Use Heavy Italian Crepe Paper Like Fabric

When we saw these curiously chic oversized streamers, we thought: what a lovely design element, not realizing they were party decorations. They are so UNLIKE any crepe paper we’ve seen before. The secret is extra wide ...

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Yasuko Furukawa

Lamp Shade from Single Sheet of Paper

Japanese design studio YOY's beautifully minimal lamp shade made out of a single sheet of paper made us realize that we could make it or other PAPER shade iterations now that we we've found a bright, pleasing bright LED bulb. Since LEDs don't get hot like incandescent bulbs, we can fashion shades out of paper without danger of fire.

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Sally Schneider

I-Beam Shelving and Side Tables

When a friend once suggested we use 12-inch lengths of industrial steel I-beams as “brackets” to hold shelves, we couldn’t quite imagine what he was thinking. UNTIL we spotted the fabulously rusted I-beam shelving at ...

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